About Us...

Tired of recruiters sending you candidates that anyone can find on Monster.com or Careerbuilder? Tired of dealing with B player candidates ( or worse ) that are unqualified?  All the while, hearing promises from the recruiting firm that end up being broken!

Matt Denney, the Founder of StarRecruit LLC uniquely understands the challenges that HR and management have in finding great employees. He has worked on both sides of the desk, both as an HR Director for BATS Exchange (3rd largest stock exchange in the world), HR Director/Recruiter for Tradebot Systems, and as an owner of a recruiting firm.


The fact is, it is nearly impossible to find, recruit, and screen top talent for your firm as an internal employee.  You need someone to go out find what you are looking for and deliver them to you.  That's what we do, and have done it hundreds of times!


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